Environmental policy

Responsible care for the environment is one of the basic success factors of any modern company. In Cablex we are producing wirings, cable harnesses and related system assemblies, which may cause certain influences to the environment, although very minimal. In Cablex we are aware of our responsibility towards people and environment, therefore we strive for sustainable development and hence for sustainable protection of natural living environment. To this effect we want to systematically prevent or minimize, respectively, any potentially negative influences to the environment.

The starting point of any activity for the environment care is to follow and respect every legal and other respective requirement related to our business activity. With the aim to effectively respect these requirements, or to do maybe even something more than just prescribed, we have incorporated our environmental policy into all our business processes with special attention on those elements, which we identified as the most important for the environment. We have established a system of environmental care, which is aligned with the environment standard ISO14001.

The activities related to the care of the environment, which include planning, execution and supervision of environmental aspects and actions in the cases of potential unconformities, are focused specially on:

  • rational consumption of raw materials;

  • rational use of energy;

  • suitable handling of waste and packaging materials;

  • conformable handling of dangerous substances – chemicals.

  • conformity with RoHS, REACH, GASDL directives and conflict materials, which we require from our suppliers, too.

Our goal is to ensure a consistent execution and constant development of the system, therefore we systematically inform and train our employees and we spread the good environmental practise to our suppliers, too. We ensure that also other, external entities working for or in the name of our company, are aware of, know and respect our environmental policy.

With our activity we interact with our direct neighbourhood. Should eventually happen any extraordinary circumstance, we ensure an immediate and open communication with external public We always respect public reactions and opinions.